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Peter Naglič was born in 1883 in Šmarca pri Kamniku in a family, engaged in the brush-making craft. He became a master brushmaker himself, after completing training in Graz. After his father’s death, he and his brother took over the trade and renamed the company Tovarna Brata Naglič. Peter was an interesting and versatile person who was involved in various fields of human activity. He was interested in everything that smelled of technology, but his greatest hobby and passion was photography, to which he devoted most of his free time. His photographic legacy is an invaluable resource for studying local history and life in the Kamnik area in the first half of the 20th century. The photographic collection consists of over 10,000 glass and polyester negatives. The photos are documented and organised in a very exemplary manner, and accompanied by information about the place, time and content of the shots. His personal journals and calendars have also been preserved. Thematically, his photography can be divided to portrait, landscape, architectural and documentary photography. He focused more on portrait and landscape photography in his early period. When it comes to architectural photography, shots of churches and religious buildings from all over Slovenia stand out, as well as shots of the construction renovation of Ljubljana in the 1930s, among which there are many shots of the construction of Plečnik’s creations. Most of the shots can be classified as documentary photography, since he recorded everyday and festive events in the wider region. He photographed social and cultural life in and around his home town, and a whole series of photographs was created during the First World War, which he spent in Vrhnika and the Ljubljana Castle.


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