As the old saying goes, a village is not a proper village without a church and an inn. And this indeed is the case with the village Homec, with the church overlooking the village from the hill, and down below, along the main road Domžale-Kamnik, the Gostilna Repanšek restaurant guards the village. The good old local restaurant which opened its door well over 133 years ago.

Andrej, the youngest son of the late Vid and Ana, who is the fourth generation of restaurant owners in the family, has been managing the restaurant Repanšek together with his wife Nataša. He inherited the genes of a true innkeeper from his parents. He always devotes himself completely to his guests, which is why they keep coming back.

Nataša, who had been cooking for twenty years, until 2017, alongside Andrej’s now-deceased mother, Ančka, is in charge of the kitchen. She has all the recipes at her fingertips, and among the guests there are many who have been visiting the Repanšek restaurant for several generations precisely because of the proven quality of the offer and the hospitality of the Repanšek family.

In addition to delicious food, guests are always greeted with kind words. Locals also keep coming back to the round table, where they speak wisely over a drop of good wine. Even those who once lived in or around Homec still like to stop there.

Andrej and Nataša Repanšek are optimistic about the future. Their three children already help them with their work – daughter Katja and twins Andrej and Matej, the latter of whom also attends a secondary catering school in Ljubljana.


Our genuine Slovenian local kitchen attracts guests from far and wide. In addition to delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere, guests are always greeted with kind words. Guests have been coming under the old chestnut trees since 1889, which means Gostilna Repanšek has been serving thirsty, hungry and fun-loving guests for over 133 years.